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In this case study we show how we helped Challenge Kmart Tyre and Auto Services automate the tedious manual process of logging maintenance requests.


Kmart Tyre and Auto Services has over 250 stores Australia wide. Making sure all equipment’s in the store are up to date on maintenance and working correctly is a critical daily task of the store employee.

If an equipment is not functioning correctly store personals had to call or email and log a maintenance request with the head office. This was a manual process which KTAS wanted to improve.

 One other important process done manually was scheduling routine maintenance for all equipment’s for all stores. This was a massive process to be checked manually and informing the needful service provide.



 Keeping in mind that automation of the manual process will be the key in coming up with a great solution, we broke the processes in to pieces and executed them separately.

Scheduled maintenance was handled first. All schedules for maintenance records was updated in a separate master database called MoveX. We created a separate program using open source PHP to read all schedule data from the MoveX system. Then we applied the needful logics so the program will decide on whether to log a maintenance ticket, per store, per equipment.

This program was scheduled to execute automatically using a cron service every day. This resolved a massive work load as currently all scheduled maintenance requests are automatically logged in to the system. They are also reflected on the maintenance application in a separate tab which will enable the store personals and KTAS management to easily manage maintenance done by service contractors.

Managing the equipment checks was the next challenge, we added a new module to the CRM which can store all the equipment checks on the system. Once this was developed we created a new equipment check section for the custom maintenance application.

This section enables store personals to conduct an equipment check for all equipment’s on the store on a daily, weekly and on monthly basis. The type of questions and equipment’s change according to the check type which is daily, weekly and monthly.

 Users are able to specify whether there is a fault on the equipment or not and submit the check result. The results will be saved real time on to the CRM which will enable the management users to view and take action immediately.

 KTAS management can directly add a maintenance ticket for urgent equipment issues logged on the maintenance check using the CRM.



The system has been live for more than 2 years now and the result it brings to KTAS is great.

  • Automating a long manual process reduced employees a workload which they can use for betterment on other areas
  • CRON made the scheduling of maintenance easier and made the process smooth
  • The time to address critical equipment issues effecting the daily function of the store was reduced
  • Detailed reports helped to get better store equipment 

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