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In this case study we show how we helped Challenge Kmart Tyre and Auto Services overcome the issue of maintaining contractor records and work carried out.


Kmart Tyre and Auto Services has over 250 stores Australia wide. Maintaining the stores and equipment on the store was handled via a manual process. The respective store manager does a manual check on the store and contacts the head office via an email or call.

Head office updates the maintenance module inside the CRM for that particular store and inform the contractor management company on it. Once the contractor has shown up on the store and competed the maintenance task.

When the task is completed the contractor sends the hourly report to the contractor management company where they bill KTAS for the work completed. Once the head office gets the confirmation from the store manually on the job completed, the KTAS releases the payments to the contractor management company.

The maintenance of the contractor records and what the work carried out was not being captured by the system which caused a lot of issues on the process.



Initially analysed the current flow and we designed a new flow to make things better for KTAS. As we didn’t want to expose the CRM in to 250+ stores, we created a new dedicated maintenance app which can only be access by stores within the KTAS network.  The application was developed using PHP and Javascript.

Any KTAS store that access the app will only be shown the records allocated to that store. The application was design to monitor more than what KTAS wanted.

Firstly the CRM maintenance section was updated to handle contractor details separately. It will enable the KTAS admin users to view details on the maintenance carried out. Not only that once a maintenance is logged an automated email will be sent to the contractor directly bypassing the involvement of the contractor management company.

When a maintenance record is added on the system, the maintenance application will show the added record to the particular store.  Once the contractor shows up on the store the application will capture all needful data which will update the CRM real time and send notifications to required personals. This includes sign in, sign out times and work carried out and comments.


KTAS management will be able monitor all maintenance work carried out on all stores via the CRM. Also the system enables management to get reports on contractors and with the comments for the maintenance work carried. Also the response times by contractors for maintenance requests is also stored in which helps a lot in management decision making.



 The system has been live for more than a year now and the result it brings to KTAS is great.

  • Automating a long manual process reduced employees a workload which they can use for betterment on other areas
  • Cutting off the middle man enabled KTAS to reduce the cost of maintenance
  • KTAS got the ability to monitor contractor services directly
  • Detailed reports helped to get better store maintenance 



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