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In this case study we show how we created an iPad app for Challenge Kmart Tyre and Auto Services allowing staff to conduct store & equipment audits online.


 Kmart Tyre and Auto Services has over 250 stores Australia wide. Auditing the store and equipment’s used in the Roadworthy is a critical function of the business. The store should meet standards which has been placed for per state in order to conduct roadworthy.

This was a total manual process which was done by filling up the needful papers by visiting to each store and taking pics. These are entered to a system and filed.

Per state the questions and regulations were different so the forms which used by the KTAS staff was different according to the state. Also with questions changing rapidly the inspections process needed to be upgraded to he handled easily.



 The roadworthy audit for stores were conducted by management personals at KTAS head office. When creating the solution we had to come up with a solution which can be accessed only by these staff members. The final solution included an IPAD application which can be used by the staff to conduct audits online.

Initially the CRM module for Roadworthy audits was created, we added a few new question types to the CRM to support the audits form format. Using the CRM dynamic field manager KTAS users are able to quickly create questions via the CRM for any state and any section of the audit.

The IPAD application was created using the Open source Laraval framework, it was combined with Bootstrap to create a responsive application which can be used in the IPAD.

Using this base application we created a base core function which communicate with the CRM web services in order to create a real time link with the CRM. The authentication of the application is done via the CRM and the users who have rights to access the application will only be able to access it.

The Roadworthy Audit module was then created on the application, the application communicated with the CRM real time and according to the selected store and state we dynamically populate the questions which needs to be completed.

Question validation and point calculation for sections was developed and added to all forms in the module. Users are also able to answer equipment questions and capture images for those questions instantly using the iPad.

Also the functionality to sign the audits was built, so all examiners, store managers and the audit conducting personals can sign using the signing area provided within the application.

The feature to save an audit and complete the audit at a later time was developed into application. Partially completed audits can be saved in the system and the user will be able to edit them and complete the audit at any time.

Once the audit is completed and submitted the required personals will be emailed on the audit conducted. Also all audit details will be saved in the CRM real time which can be accessed by the KTAS crm users.



The system has been live for more than a year now and the result it brings to KTAS is great.

  • Application has replaced the paper forms and gives more flexibility to KTAS users
  • Having able to save the audit and submitting it later gives the KTAS user much more freedom to complete the audit correctly
  • Quickly add, update or delete questions in audits
  • Report section allows users to dynamically create reports on audits
  • Reducing cost

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